Top 10 Best Places to visit in Iceland

Let me be real and honest, the whole Island is the best place to visit! Using an analogy of what i saw and didn't see- "I feel like i only ate mash potatoes on my thanksgiving plate." I have no clue what else to say. Iceland left me speechless. I left Iceland so full and satisfied being able to see and explore so much. Iceland is packed full of wild, rugged landscape with volcanos and waterfalls. It seems like the last frontier. I have compiled 10 things i would recommend to people. With that said, these places are prepared for crowds. This is why i am sharing these particular places and putting it out there with my opinion. Book that ticket and go knock Iceland off your bucket list!


1. Þingvellir National Park-Öxarárfoss Waterfall

This waterfall is in a rift valley where Iceland is getting pulled apart by the Mid-Atlantic rift between the European Plate and the North American Plate. Pretty cool right?! The volcanic cliffs and the rocks are amazing. If you're a "Game of Thrones" lover. They filmed here.

2. Gullfoss Waterfall

Now this is something to not miss. It is part of the Golden Circle that is an Iconic. It has unbelievable cascade and power. The formations of the waterfall and the drop-off blew my mind. Simply stated its a must see.

Tip: Be prepared to be soaked and blown away...literally (windy when i was there)

3. Kerid Crater

Red dirt and a volcano that's sunk in with trapped water. The water is also aqua from the mineral sentiments. Yes please! I saw it in the pouring rain. Maybe that's why everything seemed unreal. Nah it's just Iceland doing it's thing.

Tip: Don't forget to get your Krona's to pay to get in here. I believe it is 300.

4. Dkupalonssandur-The Black Lava Pearl Beach

I hope you pronounced that. ha-ha This beach was really amazing. This was lava candy land. Iron pieces from a ship wreck in 1948 of British fisherman. DON'T TOUCH THEM. Practice leave no trace. At this beach there are 4 smooth sized stones. These were used to measure the strength of the fisherman. This place is a fun place to explore.

5. Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

I really enjoyed this waterfall You can walk behind it and get a full 360 degree view of this magnificent waterfall. I got really really wet here.


6. Kirkjufellfoss Mountain

Might be the most photographed thing in iceland. I know, I saw this on a windows screensaver and had to go see it for myself. It is breathtaking. What makes it even more unique is the waterfall complimenting the horn shaped moutain for a breathtaking photograph. Be prepared for crowds!

7. Skogafoss

It is a grand waterfall. You can walk right up to it. The sheer drop-off is breathtaking.

8.Sólheimasandur DC Place Wreck

In 1973 a United States Navy DC plane ran out of fuel and crashed on the black beach at Sólheimasandur. It truly is a beautiful place to wreck a plane. Everyone survived the plane wreck. This place was very busy when i went. Please be respectful and leave no trace and that includes stickers on the plane.

9. Diamond Beach

Icebergs that are in Jökulsárlón, glacier lagoon wash up on shore creating such a stunning display against the black sand. Cherry on the top kind of beach right?!

10. Jökulsárlón (Glacier Lagoon)

Most famous lagoon in Iceland, Yes! Don't let that scare you because it was truly breathtaking. content of this EPIC Lagoon.

Thank you for checking out my blog post! Love you all. Leave a comment or questions. I would love to hear from you! Molly <3

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